Select The Best Massage Therapy for You

There are many massage therapy benefits and it is one of the best things you can do for yourself to help you keep a healthy body. It has been proved to lower blood pressure, reduce muscle pain and improve joint flexibility, etc. Many people have a misunderstanding that massage is just muscle aches. However the truth is it can increase blood flow to your muscles, tissue and every cell to bring oxygen and nutrients to these important areas. The followings are some popular types of massage therapies that you can choose from.

Acupressure: it is a very ancient and traditional Chinese technique. It is very effective for releasing muscle tension and improving circulation and energy flow. It is usually done by the therapist to press key points of your body using his fingers. Acupuncture uses the same points with acupressure but it involves needles.

Swedish massage: this is one of the most popular types of massage in the US. It has the ability to relax and improve circulation. It involves the therapist to use oil to your skin. After this, flowing strokes and kneading movements will be used to relieve tension from your muscles.

Shiatsu: this technique comes from Japan and very similar to the Chinese acupressure massage therapy. The difference is the therapist doesn't only use his fingers, but also thumb, palm, elbow, and knee to put pressure on some points of your body. The therapist sometimes even walks on your body. It can considerably encourage your blood flow. It also helps you relax and strengthen your body to against some diseases.

Hot stone therapy: this particular kind of massage therapy uses heated stones to place strategically on your body, which dilates blood vessels and gets blood and oxygen flowing into tense areas. The soothing heat can also prepare the body for deep-tissue work as well as alleviate PMS symptoms.

Aromatherapy massage: during this type of massage, the therapist will choose oils that are proper for your physical condition and use them to blend into a massage. These oils are usually extracted from helpful herbs, flowers and roots. The final result is you will experience a particular relaxing massage designed for you.

Reiki: this is a very special massage in the Eastern world. It means "universal life energy." The main goal of it is to bring healing energy to your organs and glands to help you get a balanced body to prevent illnesses. The therapist will place his hands on or just above your body to realign chakras and dissolve toxic substances for your physical and emotional being.

There are some other popular kinds of massage, like pregnancy massage, craniosacral massage therapy and sports massage, etc. You can go to your local massage therapy center to get a proper type of massage for you. Practise massage therapy regularly will make you feel relaxing and comfortable and finally keep healthy.