Learn About Dukan Diet

The First Question is always "What is the Dukan diet plan?" The Dukan diet is one of the popular diets that has been gaining importance lately. A lot of people including celebrities have claimed to have lost a lot of weight with the help of the Dukan diet. This diet involves the consumption of low calorie and high protein food. There are four phases to be followed in this diet program. It was designed by a French physician and published it as the Dukan diet book.

For people who are wondering what is Dukan diet plan then read on to find out what it is all about. There are four phases to be followed in the Dukan diet plan. Each phase requires a special Dukan diet menu. The best part about this diet plan is that we needn't worry about the quantity of the food we eat but only see that we eat high protein food. The whole concept of the Dukan diet revolves around protein.

Dukan diet attack phase is the first phase which involves the consumption of lean protein along with oat bran. The person on Dukan diet has the choice of choosing between various meats that is rich in lean protein. Second phase is called the cruise phase where you can eat unlimited non starch leafy vegetables along with lean protein and 2 teaspoon oat bran. The third phase is the consolidation phase where you can finally get to eat two slices of bread along with a fruit. You can also have couple of celebration dinner where you can eat anything you want. Final phase is when you need to take a oath where you will eat one only low fat and high protein mean on one day a week, every week to maintain the weight. You can go back to your regular diet on the other days of the week.

You should also walk for at least 20 minutes every day for making this diet work. Also the author of the Dukan diet book has requested people to stop using elevators and escalators. It is one of the most easy to follow diet plan when compared to others. There are numerous Dukan diet recipes that are found online to make fat free protein dishes extremely tasty. There are various side effects related to this diet but that is quite common when you consumer high protein food without carbs.