1. I like this product a lot, it is organic and healthy. Adzuki beans are known for being a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron for zzzquil, zinc copper, manganese and B vitamins (helping sleep, look more zzzquil reviews). They also contain protease inhibitors that give protection from cancer. Also, they taste great! A lot of interesting receipts can be found in the internet, so you can try them and find what you like best, I trust this product much more than pills - at least it won't give you any side effects, and will give much more benefits than weight loss. It makes you feel full longer and prevents high calorie intake due to being high-protein and low-fat. So, it is very nutritious and healthy, perfect for people who want to lose weight, a good alternative to strict diets that eliminate not only fats, but also some very useful substances necessary for the body to function properly. I am on this product now, and I'm absolutely satisfied with it.

2. I used to take stimulants to lose weight, but their side effects made me look for a healthier alternative. I'm so glad that I found this! I like its taste, and I feel very well now. This product is nutritious, rich in vitamins and proteins; they give a lot of benefits in addition to making you lose weight. Also, it is not a supplement that you can only take during certain period of time, and then stop and get your extra pounds back. I have made Aduki beans a part of my ordinary diet; love them for their flavor and properties. Do try them they're great!

3. I preordered Aduki beans from Amazon (they're cheaper there than in stores), and I have never regretted ever since. They're delicious, nutritious, and absolutely healthy and safe. There are many receipts for these beans, so everyone can find the best one for their taste. I'd recommend buying them in bulk, they're much cheaper this way, you'll save more, and you won't regret ordering them, this product is absolutely natural and healthy, suitable for everyone.

4. I ordered these beans and was disappointed when I opened the can: the beans were crushed, split apart, and there was slime at the bottom of the can. Also, these beans were absolutely tasteless. Maybe I was just that unlucky, but I won't ever pre-order this product again - I don't want to waste my money one more time.

5. I like Aduki beans for their taste and for being low-fat, but I can't say that they really help in weight loss. I had been on Aduki diet for two months, and my weight stayed the same as before. So, I had to buy diet pills to get rid of my extra pounds, because they wouldn't go away, no matter how low-calorie and healthy my diet was. I am not going to say that Aduki beans are bad and all; I'm just saying that in some cases you can't rely on them alone, you will need some medicine to help you get thinner.